Space Case A*

Priced at £1250, the A* – the large folder – is exactly the same size as a Doepfer monster case – 6 x 112 hp for a total of 672. It has subtle touches too – individual power switches for each wing and a mains filter with ground line choke to ensure clean power delivery to the case. The raw aesthetic approach is not about being shiny and perfect – it is about the possibility of playable well made instruments.


  • Module Space:  6 rows x 112HP = 672HP Total.  3 Wings – top, bottom and centre.  2 x 14 space bus boards in each wing (one per row).
  • Module Depth:  Top and bottom wings: approx 100mm.  Centre Boat: approx 140mm on either side of the PSU, 65mm above the PSU.
  • Module Mounting: Vector sliding nut system – M2.5 nuts & screws (included) *Note – these are smaller than “standard” 3mm mounting screws to accommodate a wider range in module face plate accuracy.
  • PSU:  3.4A open frame linear, supplying +12v, -12v (other options possible soon, e.g. 5A +12v, -12v – call to discuss). 120VAC or 230VAC. IEC power cable.
  • High performance chassis mounted mains filter with ground line choke for additional protection against common mode interference (rated to 6A).
  • DC power switchable for each wing, allowing wings to be individually isolated from the supply.  This also allows power to be applied to the system in stages – useful where modules have a high inrush current requirement.
  • Optional Gator shipping case.
  • Weight: 18.5Kg
A* case from the Post Modular pop-up January 2011

A* case from the Post Modular pop-up January 2011