Space Case Ltd is taking a break right now…

I’m taking a little time to re-organise and rejuvenate things with the company.   Space Case Ltd will be back later in 2014 with more custom portable cases, so if you have any enquiries please do get in touch.

Until then, here’s some recent cases…

Classic Sloped Deep Cream Cream Sloped Two Skiffs

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Deep dish…


IMG_1862 2

One for the studio…

Here’s a custom 104HP 6U case with a Linear PSU – it’s 150mm deep, so DIY modules shouldn’t be a problem!

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Making Babies…

Just to be sure – I’m still making babies!

A baby, baby...

A baby!!!

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Skiffs, again!

Skiffs really seem to be the flavour of the moment!

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3U 104HP Custom Skiff

A cute little 3U at 104HP waiting to go to it’s new home…

3U 104HP Skiff

3U 104HP Custom Skiff

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Even more skiffs!

Here are a couple of really long skiffs together with a transport frame which are about to be sent out to a customer.  These were custom jobs, so get in touch if you want to discuss something a little different from the standard skiffs.

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A pile of skiffs waiting to go to their new owners…


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New skiffs now available to order…

3U and 6U skiffs can now be ordered direct – just email for details.  The skiffs are priced at £120 for 3U and £160 for 6U.  Here are some pictures of the 6U skiffs with walnut wood panels.  Other finishes/materials will be available soon, and it’s also possible to have custom artwork engraved on both front and rear panels.  Just email to find out about them.

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Website back, and new skiffs!

So the website has been down for a while courtesy of my domain name provider – it’s all sorted now, so the site and the email addresses are working again.

If anyone has sent an email recently and not received a reply, it might be best to try sending it again, as I probably didn’t get it.  Sorry!

Working on a new batch of 6U skiffs, as well as a new 3U design.  The 3U skiffs will be sleek, slimline and possibly a bit “posh” looking…

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Space Case A* cases available “built to order” directly – £1250

The large folding cases are available to order from Space Case Ltd directly. There’s a small waiting list, so email us for details.

Priced at £1250, the large case is exactly the same size as a Doepfer monster case – 6 x 112 hp for a total of 672hp.  The standard power supply installed is a 3.4A Linear PSU – we can also offer 5A supplies as a custom option if that’s your bag!

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