Space Case Ltd was set up and registered as a company in the UK in March of 2010.

We manufacture performance orientated cases for Eurorack format modular synthesizers. Whilst not strictly “bespoke” (or custom made), the cases are hand-built one at a time. The aesthetic is functional rather than “beautiful” – these are not jewellery cases, and the materials used are primarily raw (unfinished) aluminium and wood.

Power for the larger folding cases is currently provided by high quality linear PSUs. Right now, we’re traditionalists in our view that linear supplies are superior to switched-mode units owing to their far more accurate voltage regulation. As technology improves, this may well change (and indeed switched-mode supplies have improved enormously over the past few years) – we certainly are not dogmatic in our view on this.

Space Case Ltd enclosures are available directly from us here in London or Greece.  We can take orders from anywhere in the world, but shipping costs will obviously depend on where in the world you are. There are no pre-orders for Space Case products, but we do operate a limited waiting list – please email us to find out about current waiting times.  We do not take money up-front to secure orders – this is based on our aversion to taking customers money and then making them wait an unspecified period before delivery.  Once your turn on the waiting list comes round, we may ask for a small deposit, as materials are generally purchased specifically for each enclosure.  This may change in the future as we grow and increase our production capabilities, but for now it’s an absolute. We hope that you can understand our position on this.