Space Case Ltd is taking a break for the foreseeable future…

Unfortunately, Space Case Ltd will no longer be trading for the foreseeable future.  Please contact by email for queries regarding existing products.

Mobile tools for modular music…

Space Case A*

Space Case A*

Space Case brings your Euro modular synth… folding space. Using recycled vintage technology (or aluminium and rivets as we know them here) Space Case’s first offering was a range of performance orientated Eurorack enclosures based on a well known classic design.  We now have a range of 3U and 6U skiffs to get you even more mobile, and other stuff is in the pipeline.

Each case is hand reared in London and/or Greece resulting in a surprising design aesthetic which we call “distressed & confused”. We don’t want you to live in fear of putting that first dent or scratch in your new baby – we encourage to use and abuse your case – that’s what they’re for!

6U skiff

6U skiff with custom engraving – front side

Solid cases which are built to be used. We even have cases which you can put your Space Case in. And t-shirts to put yourself and your loved ones in…

To find out more about Space Case product availability, or to make a purchase, please email us here: sales@spacecase.ltd.uk.

** We operate in close cooperation with Post Modular in the UK.  If you’re interested in having a complete system put together for you, advice on how to put a system together, or even lessons/consultation on using your system then please email either Space Case Ltd, or David at Post Modular.  We can talk through your requirements and build small, medium or large bespoke systems based on your needs.

Space Case Ltd

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